Unipoles Lebanon

Unipoles Advertising Beirut Lebanon

Promomedia is the Mena's leading provider of Unipoles. With its extensive network of Unipoles Promomedia covers most of Beirut and surrounding areas and Southern Lebanon.

What is a Unipole?

Self-explanatory, a unipole is a hoarding rested on one pole made of iron and cement and are appealing to the eye due to its uncluttered structure. A Unipole at a good location (on a main road or a major highway) can attract more attention than any other media. Promomedia Unipoles are located at prime locations thus offering maximum visibility.

Promomedia Unipoles are as per international standards of hoardings that were introduced a few years back. They are professionally maintained ensuring a perfect canvas for the advertiser. With bright bold colours and creative graphics your message becomes the high point on a busy road or a junction.